Practical Help

Practical work I can help you with immediately...

Look at the overwhelming amount of industry data, ideas, opinions, requirements, competitor information you have right now.

Get to the gems relevant to your market needs and business situation.

See what you already match with what you have. Get what you need from it to segment and prioritize how you approach the next opportunities. Or to see the threats coming

Map out the fragmented market you’re in, existing niches to strengthen and unmet needs to address.

Look at the immediate potential that exists for you given where you are. Identify the neighbouring markets and opportunities that you could easily move into without losing your foothold elsewhere. Find new opportunities for existing products Segment the market not the product. Where to choose to be proactive vs reactive.

Pricing for Consideration

How much is it going to cost? When you know you need a service, you need to know that directly to make the choice.  Business development and strategic marketing work can be required reactively or at short notice. When you need market insights and conclusions to present for company planning or support funding opportunities. The things you need for long term growth but done now!

Seek out and manage collaborative research and development opportunities.

Generate proof of concept data and feasibility studies to support grand applications, investor pitches, internal buy-in and accelerate product development.

Identify the key opinion leaders and academic partners to work collaboratively with.

Find comparator and complementary companies that you can leverage and how that could work.

Define the vital, evidence-based content you need to support sales.

Use it to create awareness and credibility of your company and products within the marketplace.

Make you experts in your field and compete with big players.

Support lead generation and lead nurturing. You need collateral that will make 80% of the job done for the sales team when they sit down to close. For example, creating compelling “sole supplier” documents to support purchasing decisions.

Engage with key opinion leaders, future customer groups and existing users.

Act on your behalf or directly supporting your own people in the field. In professional and intelligent ways I can help you create a customer-centric view of your company and products. I can identify unmet needs in selected markets, capture requirements and future ideas that you consider resourcing.

Attend conferences or help find out are they any good for you.

Operate a company delegate for you to see if a conference is worth putting in your marketing plan. This saves sales resources to focus on business while I gather useful opportunities for sales people to attend in the future.

I can support your team on the ground gathering market intelligence while your team do their job.

I have experience and gravitas to engage with your clients and possible customers directly at events.


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