Challenges You Face + Solutions

As a dynamic SME in science, engineering, technology and environmental sectors you’re faced with a diverse set of challenges.


  • Competing against big companies.

  • Managing a large portfolio of products and services built up over time

  • Your products and service appeal to diverse markets, how can you present the benefits specifically for each audience

  • You know you have the best new product or service but potential customers don’t know about you yet

  • Understanding other problems that your customers have and how to consider them in what you develop next

  • Keeping up with collateral for new developments and updates to products and services

  • Limited exposure at conferences or places where you can engage people

  • Keeping up with how you compare with your competitors

  • What to do with all the market intelligence coming into the business. How to use it to drive the business.

  • Reacting to opportunities that come up for presenting your company and products or services

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I can help you address each of these and move onto solving your next marketing challenges alongside other things you have to attend to.

What I can’t do but what I CAN do for you...

I can’t help you sell fast-moving consumer goods or second-hand cars.

I can partner with you to improve your sales potential amongst niche customers who need your specialist products and services, which you are passionate about.

I can’t give you a magic bullet to instantly impact your bottom line, because there isn’t one.

I can get you to a list of new business opportunities that we can prioritize and a framework to bring them online.

I can’t give you the detail specification and assembly instructions to build the next blockbuster product or service.

I can get you to a list of new business opportunities that we can prioritize and a framework to bring them online.

I can’t design you a new logo, create branding artwork, write brochures or build a new website for you.

I can help you to market test anything that is not fully developed but you feel has potential.
I can bring Arttia Creative Limited to you. Unique for expertise working with businesses in technical sectors.

I can’t suddenly fill your sales pipeline with hot leads.

I can find the best way to engage with your key opinion leaders and the customer groups you want to reach, get your business in front of them and do that with credibility.

I can help you deliver effective sales support that you need to nurture leads, who buy from you in the moment they need you.

I can’t act as a line manager or solve staff disputes.

I can give you practical support and facilitation so development, marketing and support teams get new products out of inventory and into the sales team in a joined-up way

I can’t write your definitive, detailed business plan for you

I can give you what you need to make strategic and operational decisions.

I can bring together information on markets, products, customers, opportunities. This includes products or services you already have and where new variants would be worthwhile making.

I can’t go out and sell directly to customers.

With your brief and access to customers or prospects

I can professionally represent your business and actively engage with them in a responsible way.

I can bring the outside world trends and customer's voice into the company in ways I’ve proven can influence development and sales

Pricing for Consideration

How much is it going to cost? When you know you need a service, you need to know that directly to make the choice.  Business development and strategic marketing work can be required reactively or at short notice. When you need market insights and conclusions to present for company planning or support funding opportunities. The things you need for long term growth but done now!

Planning for future revenue beyond your current products and markets

Companies with an active program of research and development are never short of ideas for the next generation of products and services.

They come from sales visits and insights from close personal contact with customers

  • They come from inside the business as you talk, live and breathe product development, marketing, sales and technical support every day.
  • They come from market research, sometimes done proactively but often reactively, which shows where the growth areas are that you can be in.

And you already have a wealth of products and services within your business. They can be applied in new ways to existing markets or taken into new markets for growth.

So how can you look ahead and choose the right opportunities to back for the future of your business?

How can you clearly see the pros and cons and compare them rationally?

What weight does each potential opportunity hold when you see them relative to each other?

What marketing mix of new and existing will support the next round of success and growth?


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