Developing your business in specialist markets

What do you need from business development and strategic marketing?
How do you think they apply to the specific needs of selling technical solutions in specialised markets
to discerning customers?
Is it something you know should be doing but not sure how in your sector?
What resources would it take to start now and do you have that capacity?

There are unique challenges of SMEs or start-ups to establish themselves and grow with commercial success selling technical products and services to discerning customers.

I understand the unique business development and strategic marketing approaches required for this. And it is only by understanding I can truly help you thrive and grow.

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My difference is that I do this exclusively for specialist businesses
in technical sectors.

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I’m recognised for being able to quickly understand an SME in a technical sector, map out the specialized market you’re already in and get to the “what next”. Without overlooking what you already have that makes you successful.

I work together with you and your team so you have a clear strategy and how it can be applied. I’ll create space and time for you to be able to present the new opportunities and how to prioritize them. Our goal is to increase sales and market presence with niche customers who need your specialist products and services. About Transitions.

As a business development and strategic marketing resource for your business I bring:

  • Unique perspective. A fresh pair of eyes with insights based on my experience to bring out commercial gems you may have forgotten about and seek new ones.
  • Low-risk and flexible option. Boost your strategic marketing and business development function when you need it and scale costs for your business size.
  • 17 years’ experience. In product management, business development, strategic and operational marketing as well as sales support. My experience of successes AND the pitfalls to step around!
  • A recognised talent for getting a scant brief. Understand the essence of what you’re trying to accomplish, complete the picture and deliver what’s needed.
  • Look beyond the brief. And see what else I can tell you. For example, consider comparator companies, not just competitors.
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